Ignition lead sets

Click to the picture for a detail Ignition lead sets usually consist of four or more ignition leads.
    They provide following basic functions:
  • energy transmission in the ignition system
  • protection of the radio reception against its interference
The suppression itself is ensured by material of the conductive cable core (resistance, inductive) or by the suppression resistor nested in the cable terminal (copper core leads).

    Parts of the ignition lead:
  • cable with electrically conductive core, covered by inner insulating layer and external coating
  • contacts adapted to different types of ignition plugs, coils and distributors
  • cable boots or cable terminals (with built-in suppression resistor and contact), protecting connection against dirt and chemical influences

Sectional view of ignition lead

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A-core, B-inner isolation, C-braid, D-outer jacket, E-contact, F-boot,terminal
Cable construction
The construction of ignition leads conforms to the requirements for the lowest possible loss of energy during its transmission. The table core insuring the primary way for electric current is manufactured from various materials (copper, resistance, inductive). Braided inner insulation provides electrical insulation and improves mechanical qualities in bend area. External coating protects the core, including insulation, against influence of working environment (protection against oils, petrol, acids, water steam etc.) but also against thermal stress in range from -40°C to +220°C according to the used material (EVA, silicone).

Cable connection distinction
by shape: straight, rectangular and angled
by contact type: M4, SAE, DIN, PIN and PIN/DIN combination

Materials used for terminal and boot production match to thermal stress from ignition plug, distributor or coil.
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cable interface

Parameters and set designation

TESLA BLATNÁ, a.s. offers ignition lead sets, made of the cables with different material combinations, determining characteristics of the set. TESLA ignition lead sets are identified by the catalog number T001X, that defines the type and colour of the leads of set (see table) and serves as identification for order. Following table explains coding of the ignition lead sets. Concrete description of sets included pdf catalogue sets - specification.
Technical specification of sets
Cable parameter C B H S G M P
Outer jacket silicone EVA silicone silicone silicone
Core copper resistive resistive resistive inductive
Cable diameter 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 8 mm 7 mm 5 mm
Temperature range (°C) -40 to +220 °C -40 to +220 °C -30 to +200 °C -40 to +220 °C -40 to +220 °C -40 to +220 °C -40 to +220 °C
Class ISO 3808 E E D E E E E
Cable colour black blue grey red
Sample of ignition lead set designation - description:
Set designation (catalog No.) T721B
- T721 code is based on production specifications (materials, cable dimensions, etc.)
- code B describes cable specs - resistance cable core and external coating (black) from silicone material
This set is designed for Citroen Visa 1.0 - 1.4.

PDF catalogues

You can download electronic catalogs in Excel and PDF format.
File File description

    ignition-parts-dily-zapalovani.pdf (28431 kB)

 New catalogue 2017-2018 with applications of ignition lead sets, ignition coils and COP boots for wide range of car makes and models.

    zapalovaci-kabely-ignition-leads-ignition-cables.pdf (14977 kB)

 Complete catalogue with ignition lead sets.
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