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Ignition coils Ignition coils

Ignition coils supply the required electrical energy needed to ignite air-fuel mixtures in a combustion chamber of the engine.

Current product line of TESLA ignition coils covers more than 280 various types of coils designed for about 7 000 car models of various brands. The offered line covers both pencil coils, multi outlet coils or rail coils (coil cassette) for modern engine constructions and single outlet coils (for distributor) for older engine constructions.

The complete list of TESLA ignition coils applications is published in the TecDoc Database (CATALOG). The application data are available also in printed or electronic form (PDF – see the catalogue pages below).
Detailed information in catalogue pages for download.

PDF catalogues

You can download electronic catalogs in Excel and PDF format.
File File description

    ignition-coils-cop-boots-zapalovaci-civky.pdf (16300 kB)

 New 2017-2018 catalogue included 354 types of ignition coils and 68 types of COP boots. Application, summaries with pictures, cross references.

    cop-boots-2017.pdf (1085 kB)

 COP boots summary from coils catalogue 2017/2018.

    new-coil-on-plug-boots.pdf (1613 kB)

 New COP (coil on plug) boots for pencil and ral coils - 2017.

    new_cop_boots_2019.pdf (1146 kB)

 Coil on plug boots - 16 new types.
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