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Click to the picture for a detail TESLA BLATNÁ offers broad range of fuses with various nominal currents and nominal voltages 32V (58V, 80V) to be used in automotive industry and aftermarket.
    TESLA fuses portfolio includes following types:
  • blade fuses MICRO, EXTRA MINI and MINI with current range 2 - 30 A
  • blade fuses ATO with current range 1 - 40 A
  • blade fuses MAXI with current range 20 - 100 A
  • fuses MIDI with current range 30 - 200 A
  • fuses MEGA with current range 40 - 500 A
  • strip fuses with current range 30 - 175 A
  • strip fuses for electric vehicles with current range 35 - 500 A
  • cartridge fuses (japanese vehicles) with current range 20 -120 A
  • continental fuses with current range 5, 8, 16, 25 A
  • glass fuses with current range 0,5 – 10 A
As an additional assortment, TESLA offers also fuses with a LED indicator; namely GLOW LOW PROFILE MINI, GLOW MINI, GLOW ATO and GLOW MAXI fuses. In motor vehicles, MIDI, MEGA and strip fuses are used to protect a power distribution and electrical appliances; continental and other blade fuses serve as a protection of low-current systems and devices. The colour of insulation casing determines together with stamped or printed figure the nominal value of the fuse. For aftermarket TESLA fuses are offered in form of blister and bulk packing, varying from 5 to 100 pcs according to the fuse type.
Detailed offer of fuses and fuses packing in PDF catalogue for download.


Click to the picture for a detail
    Fuse holders portfolio includes following types:
  • fuse holders for blade fuses MINI
  • fuse holders and boxes for blade fuses ATO
  • fuse holders for blade fuses MAXI
  • fuse holder for fuses MIDI
  • fuse holder for fuses MEGA
  • fuse holder for strip fuses
  • fuse holders for cartridge fuses
The detailed description can be found in chapter PDF catalogue.

PDF catalogues

You can download electronic catalogs in Excel and PDF format.
File File description

    pojistkove-drzaky-fuse-holders.pdf (634 kB)

 Full assortment of fuse boxes and holders from catalogue 2021/2022.

    automobilove-pojistky-automotive-fuses.pdf (7875 kB)

 Fuse assortment from catalogue 2021-2022.
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