ignition lead set T076B - Volkswagen Golf IV Variant (1J5) 1.6

information about ignition lead set

Catalog number: T076B alternative
Spark plug cable: K298 70 65 50 30
Coil cable: -

Set description: cables made of black ø7mm cable with resistive core, jacket from silicone material, temperature range from -40 to +220 °C

Car make: Volkswagen
Model: Golf IV Variant (1J5)
Type: 1.6
Year of production: 05.99-02.00
Type of engine: AKL/APF/AEH
Power output (kW) and cubic capacity (ccm): 74 /1595

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Spark plug cable picture

show detail of picture k298 K298
show detail of picture k298

Coil cable picture

Not used in ignition system.
 O - original - set with copper core (which could be replaced by set with resistive core)
 A - alternative - set with resistive core, which stands as alternative for set with copper core
 S - supplement - set, which stands as supplement for set with copper core

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