Company profile

Click to the picture for a detail Business name: TESLA Blatná, a.s.
Identification number of company: 00375306

Legal status: joint-stock company
Capital: 109 500 000,- CZK
Ownership: 100% private

Bank account: CZ65000000000004309291
Komerční banka, a.s., pobočka Blatná

The foundation of TESLA BLATNÁ company is dated back to the year 1958. Almost a half a century of the experiences with manufacturing resistors, suppression parts for automotive industry, parts and components for electronics and electro engineering, has created the basis for the present-day production. Recent private company is engaged in development, production and sale of parts, components and equipment for automotive, electronic and electrical industry and in machinery production. Above-mentioned activities are covered by approximately 380 employees in the production and support departments. The technical evolution of the products is assured by own development department. Positioning of products on the market and sales are maintained by sales department, also experienced in the field of foreign trade. Export averages out at 50% of gross production.

Click to the picture for a detailNotable dates in company's history
1958 - establishment of TESLA BLATNÁ company

1958 - suppression elements for the motor vehicles
1961 - passive electronic components
1970 - electronic modules
1993 - blade fuses
1998 - new complex product - public alert system

1970 - OEM supplier for ŠKODA a.a.s
1990 - joint-stock company
1996 - privatisation of the joint-stock company
1998 - ISO 9001 certification
2001 - OEM supplier for VAZ, Russia
2002 - ISO 9001:2000 certification
2006 - participation in EU projects
2007 - UL certification of power resistors
2008 - 50-th anniversary of the firm
2011 - sensors and sensor platforms

Production program

    Click to the picture for a detail Electronic components and appliances
  • power resistors, suppression chokes, photoconductive cells, optocouplers
  • customized electronics: control modules for electric motors
  • public alert system
    Sensors and Sensor platforms
  • temperature sensors
  • humidity sensors
  • multi-sensor platforms
    Parts for motor vehicles
  • ignition leads for motor vehicles
  • suppression modules
  • blade and strip fuses
  • fuse boxes and holders for blade fuses
    Machinery production and technologies
  • machine tooling, grinding, milling and drilling


Click to the picture for a detail The quality assurance system of our company is based on the ČSN ISO 9001 norm. The main principles of the quality assurance system are described in the Quality manual of TESLA BLATNÁ, a.s.
    Quality of product is ensured by:
  • supplier selection
  • input quality check
  • output quality check
  • statistic process regulation
  • internal audit of product

The company was certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 norm in 1998.

certificate of incorporation

The company is registered in the Business index of the Regional Court at České Budějovice, section B, inset 37.
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